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"Making It"

George is a careers coach, experienced in working with clients to achieve an authentic and fulfilling career in the arts.


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"Making It" - Achieving and Maintaining Authenticity and Fulfilment in your chosen Career

I work with performers and creatives who want to achieve authenticity and fulfilment in their careers. The majority of my clients have been in their 20s and 30s  though I have also worked with students and professionals later on in their careers.

Through coaching, I help professional performers and creatives reach new heights in their career by overcoming their limiting beliefs and guiding them to find new opportunities.

With 15 years of industry experience, I have first-hand experience of the performing arts industry across many genres, and have gone through my own journey of discovery when it comes to finding and building an authentic and fulfilling career.

What's On Offer...

After an initial starter session, I offer packages in sets of 3 sessions over 2 months in order to help you achieve your goals on a realistic time scale. Weekly sessions don't always work for freelancers, so offering 3 sessions over 2 months acknowledges this, as well as allowing you time to achieve the goal (or goals) we are working on.


If you're ready to challenge yourself to reach new heights, or are feeling a bit lost, get in touch to book your free 30m taster session.

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